molly.geolocation – Geolocation

This is a utility app that provides geolocation functionality and the user experience to other apps and users.


  • prefer_results_near (optional, defaults to None): If set, it prefers geolocation results near the (latitude, longitude, distance) tuple
  • providers: providers which provide geocoding
  • history_size (optional, defaults to 5): How many locations should be stored in the history for each user
  • location_request_period (optional, defaults to 180): how often to ask for new locations from users which are updating their location automatically, in seconds


Application('molly.geolocation', 'geolocation', 'Geolocation',
    prefer_results_near = (-1.25821, 51.75216, 5000),
    providers = [
            search_around = (-1.25821, 51.75216),
            search_distance = 5000,
    location_request_period = 900,
    display_to_user = False,



This is a provider which matches geocoding requests against entities known in the places app and returns the location, if appropriate. It has one, optional, option:

  • search_identifiers: A limit on which identifier namespaces are to be searched (list of strings)


This provider asks Cloudmade to geocode results. You have to retrieve an API key from Cloudmade to use this provider. It has three optional parameters:

  • search_around: (latitude, longitude) tuple, supposed the centre of the area

  • search_distance: distance to the centre of the area

  • get_area: make a second call to the API to display the name of the area, for

    each search result

Writing Your Own Providers