molly.auth – Auth services

This is a utility app which provides authentication services to other applications.


  • unify_identifiers: Which identifier namespaces are guaranteed to contain unique values for a user (used to log a user back in to an old session when they log in with one service)


Application('molly.auth', 'auth', 'Authentication',
    display_to_user = False,
    secure = True,
    unify_identifiers = ('oxford:sso', 'oxford:oss', 'weblearn:id', 'oxford_ldap'),

Using in your app

Extra configuration

Applications which use the authentication services provided by this app have the following additional settings they can set:

  • enforce_timeouts (optional, defaults to True): if true, then authentication times out after a period of inactivity
  • service_name: The name of the service which requires authentication
  • oauth_authorize_interstitial (optional, defaults to True): whether or not an institial page should be shown when requesting OAuth authorisation

Extra bases

Bases are provided so that other applications can have them as a parent class in order to provide authentication.


Provides OAuth authentication to an application. It has the following options:

  • secret: The OAuth secret
  • signature_method: A signature method instance from the oauth.oauth package
  • base_url: The URL for the OAuth provider
  • request_token_url: The URL (added on to the base) of the request_token service
  • access_token_url: The URL (added on to the base) of the access_token service
  • authorize_url: The URL (added on to the base) of the authorisation service