molly.apps.feeds – Feed Manager

This is a utility app for importing feeds. The feeds to be imported are configured in the admin interface.

To manage your feeds, you can go to the admin interface (at and then select the ‘Feeds’ option in the ‘Feeds’ box on that page. On the following page you will see a list of feeds. To edit an existing feed, you simply need to click on the feed title. To create a new feed, simply click the ‘Add Feed’ button in the top right corner. You can also bulk delete feeds from this screen.

The Add and Edit screens for feeds are the same, with the Edit field being prepopulated with pre-existing values for that feed. The following fields exist:

  • Title
  • Entity - if this feed belongs to a place (for example, University department, bar, etc) which is in the places database, you can associate it with an entity here.
  • RSS URL - this is the URL to the RSS (or Atom) feed. In future, other providers may exist, in which case this will be a URL to the feed to be parsed by that provider. Django will check that this URL is valid (responds to a HEAD request) upon saving.
  • Slug - this is the unique identifier for this feed which is used to generate the URL the feed is displayed at, i.e.,
  • Language - in multi-lingual setups, you can set a language on a feed which means it is only shown to users in that language.
  • Ptype - this is the type of feed that is being imported - event or news
  • Provider - at present, only the RSS provider is supported, however in future more providers may be supported. This can therefore be used to specify the type of feed. Note that the RSS provider can also handle Atom feeds.
  • Tags - this feature is currently unused by Molly, but allows for feeds to be tagged and possibly grouped together in future


A common mistake is to leave the Provider value unset. This will result in the feed appearing, but no items appearing, as the RSS provider does not import it!

To save changes, or to create a new feed, simply use the ‘Save’ buttom at the bottom of the screen.

Once the feed has been created, the contents of it will be imported the next time the RSS importer runs (by default, hourly).


  • providers: A list of providers of feed importers


Application('molly.apps.feeds', 'feeds', 'Feeds',
    providers = [
    display_to_user = False,



Imports RSS (and Atom) feeds, takes no options.

Writing Your Own Providers


This app has no views. Instead, the rendering of the two different types of feeds are handled seperately by two different applications: