– Weather

This shows weather to users (and by default, is embedded in the home page)


  • location_id: the code of the weather to use (use ‘bbc/ID’, where ID is the location ID for the BBC)
  • provider: the weather information source


Application('', 'weather', 'Weather',
    location_id = 'bbc/25',
    provider = Provider('',
        location_id = 25,


It is recommended to use the MetOffice provider as BBC Weather is not working at the moment and should be changed in the near future.

Uses the BBC Backstage datafeed to get weather information. The ID for the weather location can be obtained by looking at the URLs when doing a weather search. It has one option:

  • location_id: The BBC ID for this weather location

Uses the MetOffice DataPoint API to get weather information. This provider requires an API key that needs a registration on MetOffice DataPoint. This key should be inserted in API_KEYS as “metoffice”.

It has two options:
  • forecasts_location_id: the ID for the location of forecasts
  • observations_location_id: the ID for the location of observations

Writing Your Own Providers